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Steps in the Literature Review Writing Process

There are several steps that go into professional literature review writing. However, most academic institutions have prerequisites that must be met before the paper can be handed in. Here are some of the requirements that need to be taken into account:

                    The work should include a critical evaluation of between 5-8 works relevant to the topic under discussion, all of which should have been published within the last 10 years.

                    All works should be included in specific bibliographies and cited in the paper using footnotes or endnotes.

                    The work should also include an introduction that clearly states to which area of study it belongs, along with a conclusion that summarizes the main points covered by the literature review writing task. The work should ideally be between 2-5 pages in length.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a literature review?

A literature review paper is an academic assignment that consists of a proper analysis of published work in order to establish fresh research or support a scientific hypothesis. In other words, it's a summary and evaluation of relevant literature for a project you are working on.

How do you write a literature review?

Writing a literature review is a complex process that requires in-depth research, dedication, and an understanding of how to properly summarize academic papers. To write a high-quality literature review, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional. EssayGrinders offers different types of literature review help for your convenience, including essay writing, proofreading, or even editing. That way, you can order the service that will fit your requirements without any inconveniences.

What is included in a literature review?

A literature review may include several sections: an introduction, a middle part and a conclusion. In addition, one must pay attention to structure and make sure that the information they present corresponds with their research question.

What is the difference between a literature review and an essay?

In essence, a literature review is not an essay, but rather a summary of previously published works from academic journals. While compiling a literature review, one must include proper references to back up their argument. In essays, you're required to do this on your own.

Is a literature review a research paper?

Essentially, a literature review serves as an introduction to your research. It shouldn't be too long and should only serve the purpose of informing the reader about your ideas and theories. On the other hand, a research paper is more detailed and often suggests new hypotheses or shows how existing ones have been proven.

Does a literature review contain citations?

Yes, it does. When writing a literature review paper, one should be sure to include proper references to the academic papers they are analyzing throughout their work. This way, future researchers can easily access this information without needing to conduct additional research of their own.

What is the difference between a literature review and a book review?

Essentially, books reviews focus on the plot of the book and briefly describe what it's all about. They also analyze its characters, whether or not they get along with each other and how they get on in their day-to-day lives.

On the other hand, literature reviews look into published academic papers and ask questions such as "What is the background of this research?", "Is it relevant to the topic being discussed?" or "What are its implications for future studies?"

Why do I need to write a literature review?

Writing a compelling literature review can help you make connections between different ideas. If you're conducting research or working on a project, you should be able to communicate it clearly and concisely.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at $9.99 per page. To find out what the final price will be, simply input your deadline and the required number of pages. The price calculator is located on our order page!

Is There Any Specific Formatting Style Required For Literature Review Papers?

Yes, a literature review requires a specific formatting style. Please make sure to provide us with your exact formatting requirements in order to avoid any delays due to incorrectly formatted content. Our writers adhere to the latest formatting styles such as APA and MLA.

How Will Our Writer Conduct Literature Review Assistance?

At Essay Grinders, we will assign the writer best suited for the job. We have hired several expert literature review writers with years of experience in conducting such papers. These experts will carry out the necessary research and then compile all their findings into a well-structured, cohesive paper that meets all academic standards and requirements.

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