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A thesis is a very extensive academic assignment involving scientific research, writing of the findings and conclusions. It is usually written by students at university or college levels in various disciplines such as economics, business studies, arts & humanities. The information on the subject of the thesis must be presented in an organized way that will include figures, tables and graphs when necessary. Expertise in a particular area is required to be able to write a thesis that will have a significant contribution to the relevant field of research.

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What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement, sometimes called a claim or an argument, clearly states your position on a given topic. It presents the main point you'll be discussing in your essay and helps guide both research and writing. The best thesis statements are debatable issues that are open to interpretation.

What are the 3 parts of a thesis statement?

When writing a thesis statement you need to be clear and concise about the topic of your essay. The end result will include three distinct parts: 1-Introduction 2-Body 3-Conclusion.


The introduction is where you provide an overview of what you will explain in the next two parts. Usually, this part includes a thesis statement that is followed by three supporting points.


The body of your thesis includes details about the specific points you mentioned in the introduction. Readers will get a better understanding of how to prove your thesis with respect to the topic, so this section should be well-developed and include evidence.


Conclude part three with a summary of your thesis and how you proved it. Your conclusion should restate your three points and tie everything together logically for the reader.

What are some examples of a good thesis statement?

The thesis statement is the sentence that presents your argument, or main point. A good thesis will let readers know what you think and how you'll prove it.

Some examples of a good thesis include:

        "The idea that nature exists separate from humans is a false premise."

        "The benefits of technology far outweigh the problems it presents to society."

        "Nature is not separate from humans, but rather, interconnected with them in important ways."

What are some examples of bad thesis statements?

A bad thesis statement will make no argument, or prove nothing at all. This leaves readers confused as to why they should read your essay.

Bad thesis statements include:

        "This topic is good."

        "The idea of sustainable development is important."

        "The environment is a problem for humans."

When writing a thesis statement what are the key elements to consider?

The key components of a good thesis statement include:

1.                  It's debatable. The best topics for essays are those where opinions vary. This means it will be interesting to see which side you stand on and why, so readers want to learn more about your argument.

2.                  Your thesis should tell the reader what your opinion is and how you've applied critical thinking to test your thesis.

3.                  It's broad enough to include all parts of the essay.

4.                  The thesis makes a clear statement. It should be direct and easy for readers to understand.

5.                  Avoid overused, cliché thesis statements such as "this topic is very important," "the benefits of this idea outweigh the problems," or "this topic is interesting."

What is a college thesis?

A college thesis usually refers to a paper you write for your final course. This essay will be longer than other essays, so it's important to have a good topic you can cover in-depth.

Since the length is larger, you'll need to take more time planning it out and finding supporting material. A college thesis often requires outside research and sources.

What is a college thesis example?

A good topic for a college thesis includes:

        "The social and economic impacts of immigration to the U.S."

        "The benefits and costs of genetically modified foods"

        "The success and failure of different models of health care in America"

Do all college students need to write a thesis?

Some students may need to write a paper for their final course that includes a thesis, but it's not always necessary.

If you're taking an "essay" class, the length of your pieces will vary based on the assignments given. Most college essay classes are not research-intensive or require lengthy papers, so sometimes they don't include a thesis.

What is a college essay example?

A student in an "essay" class does not need to include a thesis statement if they are writing short essays or responses to prompts. The length of the pieces will vary based on the assignment, so a thesis is not always necessary. Essay classes generally do not require research and may have a low page requirement.

What is an example of a thesis in an essay?

In an essay, the thesis statement is the sentence that presents your argument, or main point. A good thesis will let readers know what you think and how you'll prove it.

The following is a sample thesis from an essay about technology:

"Technology has both benefits and drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh the problems."

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