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We understand the need for a professional to edit and proofread your work. If you are looking for a service that is affordable, we have you covered. With our service, you will receive an editor who has over 20 years of experience in editing and proofreading documents from all sorts of industries including educational institutions, small businesses, large corporations, marketing firms among others.


Our editors are experts at catching typos or grammatical errors as well as ensuring consistency throughout your document. We also offer different packages with varying levels of editing depending on what level is needed by your project. Our experts can edit and proofread your work so it reads as though it was written by a native speaker. We take pride in the quality of our work and we strive to ensure that you receive an error-free paper without sacrificing timeliness and affordability.


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EssayGrinders is a great option for professionals who need an essay, dissertation, or thesis edited to perfection. We can also handle other forms of the written word that may need editing assistance such as resumes, CVs, and even business documents.


We have a network of highly qualified editors who can edit and proofread any type of content from start to finish.


Our essay editing services include:


                    Keyword analysis to ensure that content is free of plagiarism


                    Correction of minor/major spelling errors


                    Correction of grammatical errors or inconsistencies


                    Rewriting awkward sentences


                    Ensuring readability and flow is maintained throughout the essay.


We have several packages so you can choose one that works for you. The package you choose will depend on the type of project and deadline as well as your personal preference. We have a wide range of pricing options to fit any budget or deadline.


Our Specializations


                    Nursing assignment editing and proofreading


                    Business plan editing and proofreading


                    Education dissertation editing and proofreading


                    Marketing thesis editing and proofreading


                    Admission essay editing and proofreading


                    Science thesis editing plan and proofreading


                    Creative writing editing services


                    Annotated bibliography creation


                    Dissertation editing services


                    Resume editing service


                    Editing academic papers


What are the 4 types of editing?


Editing: This is the overall checking of consistency, punctuation, sentence formation, and structure.


Proofreading: begins with sentence-by-sentence reading checking for misspelled words, dropped words, missing letters, or repeated letters. The proofreader also looks for grammatical errors in subject/verb agreement, pronouns, modifiers, and tense. The proofreader also looks for typographical errors such as the misuse of a/an, etc.; incorrect use of a semicolon or colon; incorrect use of italics or quotes; and coding errors – which are caused by the misreading of letters or numbers within written coding instructions.


Stylistic editing: focuses on sentence clarity, writing style, voice, and tone of writing. Stylistic editors look for areas that are unclear or do not make sense to the reader. The stylistic editor will also pay attention to the flow of information.


Substantive editing: the controversial type of editing is called substantive or developmental editing. This is the most intense type of editing. It is critical to check for consistency in sound, content, cohesion, and other text-based issues. The substantive editor will look at all aspects of writing including sentences, paragraphs, sections, and overall structure. This type of editor makes suggestions for improvement based on a number of factors such as reader needs and preferences, line-by-line analysis of text, and overall structure.


How do I edit an assignment?


Writing assignments can be difficult to edit and proofread. Sometimes you need to take a step back and let the assignment sit for 24 hours before editing and proofreading. You should also ensure that you read your essay or paper out loud as this strategy helps catch errors that you may miss when reading silently.


Cheap Essay Editing Services


Also referred to as a content edit, this type of editing is a comprehensive check on all aspects of an essay. A professional editor will use a number of strategies to find errors and make suggestions for improvement. These strategies include: reading the entire work from start to finish, checking common problem areas such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, logical flow of information, and the overall organization of the essay.


Business Plan Editing


This type of edit is a comprehensive check on all aspects of a business plan. A professional editor will use a number of strategies to find errors and make suggestions for improvement. These strategies include: reading the entire work from start to finish, checking common problem areas such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, logical flow of information, and the overall organization of the business plan.


Dissertation Editing

A dissertation is a long research paper that includes a detailed literature review as well as an original contribution (based on your analysis of the literature). A dissertation editor will use a number of strategies to find errors and make suggestions for improvement. These strategies include: reading the entire work from start to finish, checking common problem areas such as formatting, structure of the literature review and the introduction/conclusion, flow of information throughout the dissertation.




Proofreading is a less intense type of edit that is a quick check on spelling errors within a manuscript. The proofreader will read the first and last sentence of each paragraph as well as all headers, footers, and page numbers.


The steps to editing a manuscript are quite simple:


1)      Make a list of errors that you find within your manuscript


2)      Check those errors against a dictionary, style guide, or another reference tool


3)      Re-write any errors that you find


4)      Repeat steps 1-3 until the manuscript is error free.


Editing vs Proofreading: what's the difference?


Proofreading only focuses on spelling and punctuation mistakes whereas editing looks at a number of different areas within a manuscript including spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, logical flow of information, and overall organization within the manuscript.


What is developmental editing?


Developmental editing is a type of editing that looks at the overall structure as well as other components such as cohesion, the logic flow of information, and other text-based issues. This type of edit can be more thorough than a proofread because it looks at the entire manuscript including headers, footers, and formatting.


What is copy editing?


Copy editing is a type of editing that focuses on the minute details within your writing such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. A copy editor closely examines every word in a manuscript to ensure that everything flows together correctly and makes sense. This type of edit is more detailed than proofreading.


Who can edit my paper?


Professionals who are trained in editing are qualified to edit your paper or manuscript. These professionals can be found working in-house at a publishing house, freelancing, or through an editing company/agency.


How much does it cost to have my manuscript edited?


Professional services for editing vary depending on the number of words within your document and whether it is fiction or non-fiction. The cost of editing increases with the level of detail required for the manuscript (for example, a dissertation edit will typically cost more than a proofread).


What is the difference between developmental editing and copy editing?


Developmental editing looks at overall text quality whereas copy editing focuses on minute details within your writing such as spelling, punctuation, grammar.


How do I edit an assignment in canvas?


Canvas is an online content management system that allows users to edit uploaded documents by adding, removing, or altering sections within the document. Here are the steps to editing a document in canvas:


1)      Under "My Assignments" select the assignment you want to edit


2)      Click on the assignment title


3)      Click on any of the links/buttons within the assignment to edit specific sections such as "Introduction" or "Discussion"


4)      Click on "Submit changes" when you are finished editing your paper


Editing Tools vs Professional Editors


Editing tools can be used to edit your paper before submitting it. These editing tools are useful for large-scale changes such as changing the writing style, but cannot be used to make minute details within a document. For example, these tools will allow you to change all instances of "academic" to "scholarly" but cannot edit specifically where the word "academic" is used.


Professional editors are people who are trained to critically examine your writing and provide insight on how well it works. The level of detail that professional editors look at will vary depending on the type of editing service required (for example, a dissertation edit will typically require more detail than a proofread).


Are College Assignment Editing Services Worth It?


For many students, the answer to this question is yes. College and university courses today require a great amount of independent research and writing that can take up a significant portion of your time and energy – especially if you're taking on more than one course at once. Editing Services for Essays looks at these assignments as an investment in your future as opposed to an unnecessary burden.


Our editing services can help you reduce the time it takes to complete your assignments so that you have more time to focus on other aspects of your studies.


While many students may feel overwhelmed when they are assigned an essay, term paper, or thesis paper without having enough time to write it, this is not really a problem. With the help of an expert editor, you can easily get a high-quality paper before it's due.


The benefits of availing the services of editing agencies are countless. This is because these agencies provide different kinds of professional writing services that are designed to make your life easier when you’re in school. They also charge reasonable rates which can be easily afforded by students.


Pros and Cons of Editing Services


There are numerous benefits to editing services for students, some of which include:


                    Professionally trained editors who understand what professors look for in a paper


                    A more time-efficient way of completing coursework without sacrificing quality or content reduced stress levels as you won’t have to worry about completing your assignments


                    An opportunity to submit work that is free of mistakes, on time, and according to the requirements set by academic institutions


However, there are also some disadvantages associated with editing services for students. These include:


                    Unlike, some editing services may not be available 24/7


                    It can be hard to find a reliable editing agency


                    Some students may not be open to the idea of letting someone else edit their work.


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