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Can I pay someone to do my essay? Well, with the magic of the Internet, yes, you can! is an online platform that helps you to get high-quality essay writing services with complete anonymity. Our tutoring team consists of highly trained and experienced individuals who help you write all your papers from scratch, ensuring that your professors are impressed with your work. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your grades; have someone do all repetitive essay writing work while you do the actual studying, guaranteeing you a grade A for all your courses. "Work Smart!" they said, "Not hard!"

do my essay

Features a legitimate "Do my essay" service

Over the past few years, the number of online sites that claim to provide you with essay writing services has increased exponentially. It is, therefore, tough to determine if a particular service is legitimate. Nevertheless, I have got news for you! It is easy to pick a legitimate essay writing site from the sea of scammers, thereby paying attention to the right places. Here are the features of the essay writing service you want:

24/7 customer service

A legitimate essay writing services should be able to attend to you at any time of the day. This helps you keep track of your order's progress and assure you that someone has you back. The reason why you are seeking an essay writing service, in the first place, is to have a smooth ride through college, and to have someone you trust with all your schoolwork is an excellent place to start. 

Native speaking tutors

Okay, is the number one platform for legitimate and quality essay help! But who is writing your essay? You may have noticed that the number of essay writing services have mushroomed recently. Nevertheless, these greedy people later export your homework to some third world country. Some of them are based in some third world country, where English is barely used. This is why your professors keep complaining about your grammar any time you delegate tedious writing tasks. Legitimate essay writing services have graduate students who are based here in the United States. It just likes having a junior faculty member in your college writing your homework.   

Free revision policy

A legitimate essay writing website works hard to ensure that you and your professors are impressed with your work. However, there may be instances where you would recommend something changed in your paper. A good essay writing service should ensure that you are satisfied with your paper before forwarding it to your professor. All these changes are made at the platform's cost so that you do not have to pay twice.




A good essay writing platform should be able to guarantee complete anonymity. Professional tutoring services are focused on delivering their mandate, which is having your paper done correctly and on time. Any personal details that you might relay during your ordering process, even by mistake, are protected by the company, and not even your tutor can access it.

Why should I let to Do my essay?

In addition to meeting the criteria listed above, essay grinder is a platform that is willing to partner with you throughout your academic journey. We have created an environment where you do not have to worry about writing your papers ever throughout your academic journey. This grants you the opportunity to take extra classes, get a job, or even go on a vacation without worrying about submitting your assignments.  In order to prove that we are qualified to handle your papers, here are some of the other do my essay services you get by partnering with Essay Grinder:

Our business model

We pride ourselves on the Crème De La Crème of the premium essay writing, something that our clients agree with. We attribute this success to our business model that is heavily reliant on returning customers. This means that the only way for users to remain in the business is to put our client's grade first. You are therefore guaranteed that we will get your Grade A this Semester, one that you can trust us with more of your homework, which is usually uninspiring.

Flexible deadline

Essay Grinder ensures that you get out paper on time. It is, however, essential to note that there is a wide range of deadlines that a student can choose, with some of our clients choosing two to three-month deadlines while placing all their assignments for the semester to less than an hour, something that you can use when you remember to about an assignment only minutes to the deadline. We will fail you. We will also allow you to change the deadlines helping you be more comfortable that all your assignments will be delivered on time.  

Bonus! Here is our secret

We will always fight hard to ensure that you are happy with all the essays you submit to your professors for marking. We also go a step further to ensure that your professor is impressed, something we achieve by being extra-attentive to the assignment instructions you provide in the ordering process. By paying close attention to your course outline, our professional experience team can tell what would resonate more with your professor and ensure that your professor gives you the perfect score. This is why you pay us.

Half our essay writing help is free anyway

We also make some money to incentivize hour efforts of getting you the highest quality of academic help that money can buy; we are still able to give some of our services free of charge. They include:

1.       The proposed outline for your work

2.       Proper formatting, for example, APA, MLA, and Harvard

3.       Unlimited Revisions

4.       Bibliography

5.       Proper design and formatting of the coverage

Even as we get you the highest-quality of plagiarism-free essay writing help, can also give you many of our services free.

You can trust us to do your homework the right way because it would be our most tremendous honor to see you return. We are committed to your academic excellence. Welcome to our family!



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