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How to Write an Essay and What is a Research Paper?

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What is a research paper?

A research paper is a written piece of work that reflects your individual academic attempt to describe, analyze, critique, and interpret an original study. It's one of the main assignments in college or university studies. It demonstrates how well you understand what you have learned during lectures or seminars. Often it is the key assessment criterion for the course because professors are looking for someone who is able to think and speak independently and construct an opinion based on the available sources.

Do I need to write a research paper?

Maybe not. If you are studying in college or university, it's quite likely that your professor will provide you with a list of topics to choose from. This is because writing research papers requires time, organization, and knowledge on the subject. First of all, you have to find out more about the topic of your paper, read several books on the matter, collect useful data, and then write an introduction with a thesis statement.

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Components of a Research Paper

Each research paper consists of the following components:

·       Introduction, which includes a thesis statement and an argumentative thesis. The introduction covers the general subject of the study and indicates what results will be represented in this paper. It also provides information on how exactly we are going to approach this topic and prove our point of view.

·       The main body of the research paper consists of two paragraphs. One paragraph contains information on how scientists have approached this topic so far, whereas the other presents new results. If you are struggling with introduction essays for school, ask writers to help!

·       The conclusion includes a short overview of the main ideas presented in the paper and a restatement of all arguments.

·       References or works cited. This part includes bibliographic information of sources that were used in the paper including their authors, dates, and titles if applicable.

Remember that every argument should be supported by facts and evidence from reputable sources such as recent statistics, official documents, and quotations from recognized experts in the field.

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Usage of Citations and References in Research Papers

Research papers must cite sources to support their claims. However, there are different ways to use references depending on the type of paper you write (essay, dissertation). All publications have a certain system used in referencing data known as APA style guide, Harvard Style Guide, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.

Tips on how to write your own quality essay or term paper without plagiarizing

Research papers are different from essays. This is why it is extremely important to follow these simple writing rules:

1.                  Cite all sources and references you use in your paper. It is better not to quote the source words by word, but paraphrase its meaning and put your explanation into your own words. This way you can avoid plagiarism and save your time.

2.                  Use keywords in the text of your paper to refer to sources you use in it. For instance, if you want to make an argument about the global climate changes, mention words like “global warming” or “greenhouse effect” in your paper. Thus, you will attract the attention of search engines that are crucial for ranking your paper on the first pages of search results.

3.                  Make sure that you mention all authors if there are several ones, even if one author wrote most part of the paper. For example, write “All authors contributed equally to this work”. However, if the author is unknown, write “The authors are not named in this paper”.

4.                  Make sure that you mention N/A (not applicable) when you do not need a reference for your argument. For example: “This research found no statistically significant correlation between frogs and mobile phones despite all people’s fears. (O’Reilly, 2007)”.

5.                  Make sure that you use proper grammar and write the paper in the third person avoiding first or second-person pronouns like “I” or “we”. The best way to avoid this mistake is to follow provided instructions for citing references.

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What citation style will you use to format my research paper?

Citation styles are used to format references in a research paper based on certain formatting rules. Depending on the type of paper you write, you should follow provided instructions for referencing data in your assignment where you can find all information related to citing sources and using references. For instance, if you need to develop APA style in an essay or dissertation, you should make sure that you follow the rules of APA formatting. Actually, there are several types of such styles as MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago, and Harvard among others.

How to reference in MLA format (Modern Language Association)

Use proper formatting; Insert a page break; Write your name; provide your instructor’s information; Insert the date; Cite the source; Provide a page number; Insert a space and end the entry.

How to reference in APA format (American Psychological Association)

Insert a page break; Write your name; Provide your instructor’s information; Provide the date of citing; Cite the source without quoting by paraphrasing; Cite the source with direct quotes; Insert a space and end the entry.

How to reference in Chicago/Turabian format (University of Chicago)

Insert a page break; Write your name, assignment title, and instructor’s name; Provide one-inch margins on all sides; Cite the source in-text as Author, year of publication (if no author is given, use editor's name); Insert a semicolon after the entry and repeat for each next reference to the same work.

How to reference in Harvard format (Harvard University)

Insert a page break; Write your name, assignment title, and instructor’s name; Provide one-inch margins on all sides; Cite the source in-text as Author (year of publication), Title (if no author is given, use editor's name); Insert a semicolon after the entry and repeat for each next reference to the same work.

How to reference in American Psychological Association (APA) style

Insert a page break; Write your name, assignment title, and instructor’s name; Provide one-inch margins on all sides; Cite the source in-text as Author (year of publication), Title (if no author is given, use editor's name); Insert a semicolon after the entry and repeat for each next reference to the same work.

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